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Custom Monogram Projection Lighting & Pricing
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Custom Monogram Projection & Lighting

Custom Monogram Projection is a form of gobo lighting. We'll work together to come up with a design and have it created into a template called a Digital Gobo that we install into our projector system. 

We can project your custom monogram almost anywheres you would like in the room. Popular locations include the dancefloor, prominent walls in the space, behind the head table, or at the entrance into the room or on the outside of the venue. 

The picture below shows a digital gobo which we projected on a wall above the sweet table.
The projector was placed against the opposite wall. 
 More information on types of gobo materials. 

Texture lights project patterns on walls, ceilings, floors, dance floors, stages, etc to create depth, contrast and interest. Patterns can be matched to your events design choices to provide a fully immersive look and feel to the room tying in all the design elements together. 

There are hundreds of stock patterns that can be used ranging from simple to ornate to abstract. Custom designs can also be made based off of decor elements. The actual templates used that have the pattern are called DGs or Digital Gobos. Here is are some Samples of our digital gobos. 

Samples of Some of Our Custom Monograms
Nebulus Lighting & Pricing