MICROPHONES                                                                         RATE EACH 
Corded Microphone  ( w/ wire )                                                                             $20.00 
Wireless Microphone ( Samson VHF Diversity ) ( Uses 9 volt Battery )               $40.00 
 Wharfedale Titan-12  2-way 12" woofer, horn tweeter, stand mount                $60.00/ea.
 EV-S152  2-way 15" woofer, horn tweeter, stand mount                                   $65.00/ea.
 B-52 1515c  2-way Dual 15" woofer, horn tweeter, floor standing                    $75.00/ea.
 AMPLIFIERS                                                                             RATE EACH 
 QSC MX1000 with case                                                                                        $55.00 
 QSC MX1400 with case                                                                                         $60.00 
 QSC MX1700 with case                                                                                        $65.00 
 Crown Power Base 3 with case                                                                          $75.00 
 DJ / PA EQUIPMENT   ( AUDIO )                                                RATE EACH 
 DJ Mixer ( Numark CM-100 or Similar )( 6 Line/2 Phono, 4 Channel )                 $45.00 
 Technics 1200 Direct Drive Turntable ( w/ Standard Stylis or Similar )              $40.00 
 Standard CD player ( Sony, Technics or Similar )                                                $20.00 
 Standard Casette Tape player ( Sony, Technics or Similar )                               $15.00 
 Dual CD Player w/ Controller ( Numark, Gemini, Stanton or Similar )                $50.00 
 Headphones  (Cans)                                                                                            $15.00 
 TRIPODS / STANDS / TRUSSING                                              RATE EACH 
 Speaker Tripod Stand ( Standard stand or Similar )                                            $20.00 
 Lighting Tripod Stand ( w/o crossbar ) w/ NO LIGHTS                                       $30.00 
 Lighting Tripod Extra Crossbar for above                                                           $15.00 
 Knight Truss System (2 tripods with 10' truss) w/ NO LIGHTS!                          $75.00 
 Knight Truss System (2 tripods with 10' truss) w/12 par cans & controller        $125.00 
 LIGHTING CONTROLLERS                                                        RATE EACH 
 Chase Controller ( Chauvet SF-4005 4 channel, sound active )                          $20.00 
 Chase Controller ( Eliminator EC-16 4 channel, 8 outlets, sound active )           $25.00 
 4 Channel Dimmer Pack                                                                                      $25.00 
 Pro Light System ( Tripod, 4 pin spots w/ gels & controller- sound active )         $50.00 
 COMPLETE LIGHTING SYSTEMS                                             RATE EACH 
 Pro Stage Light System ( Tripod, 4-56 par cans w/ gels,bag & controller )          $80.00 
 LIGHTING / EFFECTS                                                                RATE EACH 
 Fogger w/ fluid  ( additional charge for excessive fog fluid usage )                      $30.00 
 8" Mirror Ball w/ rotate motor   ( additional charge for pin spot light )                 $30.00 
 12" Mirror Ball w/ rotate motor   ( additional charge for pin spot light )               $40.00 
 1 Pin Spot Light  ( For use with above mirror balls- 2 lights recommended)        $10.00 
 1 Par 56 can  ( polished chrome - includes 1 color gel & bracket )                        $15.00 
Strobe  ( pro style, high power strobe, adjustable )                                                $20.00 
 American DJ - Rover 250                                                                                     $40.00 
 Eliminator - Pirahna  ( E-144 )                                                                              $40.00 
 American DJ - Diamond                                                                                       $40.00 
 VEI - Bubble Machine ( additional charge for fluid)                                              $30.00 
 Air Powered Confetti Cannon / T-Shirt Cannon ( **Air Tank Required ** )        $50.00 
 Air Tank for Confetti Cannon / T-Shirt Cannon ( ** for above unit ** )               $15.00 
 Air Compressor for Confetti Cannon / T-Shirt ... ( ** for above unit ** )            $30.00 
 DJ Mixer ( Gemini PMX-01 or Similar )( 2 Line/2 Phono, 2 Channel )                  $35.00 
Have A Nice Day !
Super Strobe  ( pro style, high power strobe, adjustable )                                     $30.00 
Wireless Microphone ( Peavey PVI-1 VHF Diversity ) ( Uses 9 volt Battery )      $40.00 
 Microphone Stand  ( Standard stand or Similar )                                                 $15.00 
 All Rentals & Emergency service 
are subject to availability.
Pricing may vary due to circumstances.
Call for more details.

Please Keep In Mind When Renting...
You must be 21 years of age or older to reserve or rent from Party Animalz Entertainment. You must have a valid State Of Connecticut Driver’s License - NO state I.D. cards (Must Be State D.L. , No Exceptions! ) (Payment in full for the rental, as well as a security deposit equal to the full purchase price of the rented equipment by cash, check, or credit card may be required at the time of rental. Only one person may sign the contract, pay for, and secure the rental - and all must be by the same person.

Rentals are on a "first come, first served" basis. Rentals are considered "reserved" ONLY if pre-paid upon booking. Although you may have us "put you down" for a particular rental without payment, you may be bumped by a paid reservation at any time. Please note: Pre-paid reservations are non-refundable inside 7 days of the rental date - 50% store rental credit ONLY outside 7 days. NO EXCEPTIONS under any circumstances. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please ask.

Rentals may be picked up after 2:00pm on the day of the rental. You may call earlier than 2:00pm to check if your equipment has been returned early from the night before. In the event that your equipment is available early, your salesperson will tell you what time you may pick up. Party Animalz Entertainment makes no guarantee when a specific rental will be available.

Rentals are due back NO LATER than 1:00pm (one o’clock in the afternoon). Rentals returned at 1:01pm WILL BE charged as late. Rentals returned after normal store closing will be charged one full day late. Absolutely, Positively NO EXCEPTIONS or EXCUSES! Don’t even ask. Don’t beg or plead. Don’t tell us what a great customer you are. Don’t tell us that you thought we were closed... Remember: Other customers are usually waiting for your equipment. If you’re LATE - they WAIT!

Customers must supply their own batteries for battery operated equipment (eg. wireless mics, remotes). Although most rental units will already have a battery installed, Party Animalz Entertainment makes no warranty that the existing battery is good.

Improperly coiled cables will be charged a $2.00 coiling fee upon return. If you do not know how to properly coil a cable, please ask.

Cables returned with duct tape wrapped around the jacket will be charged the full purchase price of a new cable. Cable must be clean when Returned!

Your rental is tested in front of you prior to your acceptance of the equipment.  By accepting the rental, you agree that the equipment is in working order AND that you know how to properly use it.  Once you accept the equipment, no refunds will be allowed, regardless of the problem. NO EXCEPTIONS!  

Customers will be charged for any damages to equipment which occur during the rental period. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

A full, detailed listing of the terms and conditions of our rental program will be provided with your rental contract. Please read your rental contract and all of these terms and conditions , ask if you have any questions - we’ll be glad to explain it to you.

 Thanks for choosing Party Animalz Entertainment for Your Rental Needs!
                                            24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICES                                               
                                   Call (860) 459-4087 with Credit Card ready!                                        
                                                   All services will be billed!                                                           
 EMERGENCY SERVICES                                                                      RATE EACH 
 Telephone Support  ($25 minimum charge)                                  $100.00/hr 
 Late Rental Pickup (per 15 minutes late)                                             $10.00 
 Emergency Delivery / Service Call First 30 Minutes (from time of call)   $150.00 
 Emergency Delivery / Service Call (Addl. 15 Mins.) (from time of call)      $50.00 

 Emergency Delivery / Service Call (Downtown/Metro Areas ADD)     $100.00 
 Emergency Delivery / Service Call (Holiday - please ADD)                $200.00 
 Emergency Disc Jockey (2 hour min. - Travel time not Inc.)         $200.00/hr 
  Chauvet Slim Par 64 (LED 64 PAR Uplights)                                                       $60.00 
 WIRING & ASSORTED NEEDS  (Rental)                                      RATE EACH 
    This Is Due To Overwhelming Demand for Equipment on this night

   ***** Time starts when Driver leaves Our Store & Finishes Delivery *****     
email me

For Bookings Call  (904)849-5451 or (860)459-4087
FOR 24 HOUR Emergency Service Call (860) 459-4087 (Cell)
    PLEASE LEAVE MESSAGE,Someone Will Call Right Back! 
 10X14 ft Front/Rear Projection Screen (w/ Black Velvet Curtin Surround) $150.00/day
  Eternal Lighting Flat Par Pro (LED 64 PAR Uplights)                                        $60.00 
 Chauvet Omega 1 & 2  ( Intelligent Light )                                                            $50.00 
  American DJ Pocket Scan w/ Laser  ( Intelligent Light )                                    $50.00 
   American DJ Dynasty DMX Scan (Intelligent Light)                                           $50.00 
                                                                                                        300.00 for up to 24 hrs.
Generator Price includes Delivery, Setup & Pickup (Call w/ any Questions) 
 **** Fuel is not included in price and it must be returned Full of Fuel *****

2007 Party Animalz Entertainment LLC
SCREENS  (VIDEO)                                                                                        
16 FT. Speaker Wire (Banana x 1/4 Male Jack)                                       $5.00 
100 FT. Speaker Wire (Banana x 1/4 Male Jack)                                    $10.00 
16 FT. Speaker Wire (1/4 Male x 1/4 Male Jack)                                      $5.00 
100 FT. Speaker Wire (1/4 Male x 1/4 Male Jack)                                   $10.00 
 SOUND SYSTEMS & SPEAKERS RENTALS                           RATE EACH 
 Video Monitor  ( 19" monitor ) Strongly Recommended !                                      $50.00
 RF Modulator ( adaptor for TVs without video inputs )                                          $10.00
 Pro Karaoke  setup (Voco Pro DVG-480k Player /w 2000 songs & cables)       $200.00
 Large Karaoke setup (same as above but w/ 2 speakers, mixer w/ amp)         $150.00
 Small Karaoke setup (player w/400 songs on DVD, cables & 2 mics)               $100.00
 KARAOKE & ACCESSORIES                                                     RATE EACH 
*** This Setup Includes all Items Below *** 
(Perfect setup for 30 to 50 people in a Small room)
 Pro LED Light System (Tripod w/ 4 Slim Par LEDs - sound active sys,)    $100.00 
  10X14 ft Front/Rear Projection Screen (w/o Black Velvet Curtin Surround)  $100.00/day
 Video Monitor Stand ( 19" monitor stand ) Strongly Recommended !                  $20.00
Microphone Stand  ( Standard stand or Similar )                                                  $20.00 
*** This Rental Includes Delivery, Setup & Pickup ***
 within 50 Miles of Our Offices (32034 or 06790)
*** Also includes all wiring required to perform setup ***
 L.E.D. Blacklights (Yes We Have Blacklights!!! Call For Pricing)     By the Day